Paranoia Will Destroy Ya
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 695
Date published 16 December 2009
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"Poor Coordination" "Still a Long Way to Go"
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Girard didn't just mislead Soon Kim; he set a trap.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Girard: Serini has the true coordinates, but good luck getting her to tell them to you.
Haley: Roy, didn't O-Chul tell us that Xykon has Serini's diary??
Roy: Yes.

Panel 2

Girard: This spell is set to notify both her and us that you couldn't leave well enough alone.
Haley: So then the archvillain knows exactly where it is, but we're—
Roy: Yes, yes, YES!

Panel 3

Girard: We even have a pool going over how long it will take for you to break your word and send someone.
Girard: If it's been no more than 12 weeks, I just won 10,000 gp.
Roy: He didn't break his word, you paranoid fool!!

Panel 4

Girard: And Soon, just in case it IS you who's standing here listening to this, let me just add this personal note:
Roy: What the hell happened between these people to turn them against each other like this?

Panel 5

Girard: It should have been you that died in that rift, you cowardly son of a bitch.

Panel 6

Girard: Allow me to remedy that error now. Say hello to your barnyard gods for me.
Elan: What does that mean?
Haley: It means RUN!!!!

Panel 7

Durkon searching in the desert sees a mushroom cloud explosion in the distance, "BOOOOM!"

Panel 8

Belkar whistles, while building a flumph in the sand.

Panel 9

Roy drops on the flumph.

Panel 10

Belkar: Hey, no fair! You skipped to the part where someone accidentally blows something up without me!

Trivia Edit

  • Kraagor died while the Order of the Scribble was sealing the rift which would become Kraagor's Gate. Soon Kim gave the order to seal the gate while Kraagor was still locked in battle with the Snarl (as recounted by Shojo in #276), and Girard seems to blame Kim for Kraagor's death.
  • This strip continues the running gag of characters landing on flumphs to break their falls. In this case it was a sand sculpture of a flumph rather than the real thing, who are frankly too traumatized at this point for any further action.
  • In the final panel Belkar assumes they have accidentally destroyed Girard's Gate like Elan did to Dorukan's Gate in #118 and Miko did (not by accident, but for mistaken reasons) to Soon's Gate in #462.
  • The title is a common mishearing of the chorus to Destroyer from The Kinks' 1981 album, Give the People What They Want. The line is "Paranoia, the destroyer", not "Paranoia will destroy ya".

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