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In the Flesh
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 665
Date published 25 June 2009
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"Down to Earth" "But Seriously, She Won't"
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Roy is restored to life.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Durkon completes the Resurrection spell. The diamond is consumed, "poof!'

Panel 2

Durkon: Thar ye go...
Durkon: C'mon back to us, lad...
Roy's skeleton begins to regenerate.

Panel 3

Roy's skeleton finishes forming, and his nerves and internal organs begin to form.

Panel 4

Roy's muscles being to form.

Panel 5

Roy's skin begins to form.

Panel 6

Roy's body is now fully restored.
Roy: Beating heart...breathing lungs...postive hit point total...

Panel 7

The rest of the Order notice that Roy is naked, with Belkar looking away in disgust.
Roy: What?
Roy: Oh, please. I've been wrenched back to this mortal coil after being worm food for months. You can all suffer through a little full frontal.
Elan: You're invisible!

Panel 8

Celia: ROY!
Celia leaps onto Roy and kisses him.
Roy: Mmmph!
Haley: Well, at least she's blocking our view...
Belkar: Speak for yourself, her wings are way too diaphanous for my tastes right moment.

Panel 9

Roy now has Vaarsuvius's cloak wrapped around his waist.
Celia: I missed you so much.
Durkon: Welcome home, lad.
Haley: Yeah, good to have you back.
Roy: Thanks, it's good to be back.
Elan: Hooray!
Roy: OK, gang, we're back together at long last. Tonight, we rest, but tomorrow morning, we—

Panel 10

Roy falls over and hits his head on the ground, "WHUMPH!"

Panel 11

Roy: Oh, right. I have to actually move my legs when I'm on this plane.
Celia: Don't worry, honey. I make that mistake ALL the time.

D&D Context Edit

  • Resurrection is a 7th level spell, more powerful than Raise Dead, as the dead can be in any condition and are raised to full health.

Trivia Edit

  • The last time all six members of the Order of the Stick were alive and in the same location was in #424.
  • The title is also the title of two songs from Pink Floyd's 1979 album, The Wall.
  • The resurrection sequence is reminiscent of the reconstruction of Leeloo in the 1997 Luc Besson film, The Fifth Element.
  • Elan thought he could become invisible by taking off all his armor and clothes in #25, #25, and #27.
  • Diaphanous means light, delicate, and translucent, like an insect's wing.

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