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Or Mention That He's Getting Too Old for This

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Or Mention That He's Getting Too Old for This
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 663
Date published 15 June 2009
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"The Price is Right" "Down to Earth"
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O-Chul and Vaarsuvius teleport onto the island where the Order is raising Roy from the dead. They also run into Hinjo and Lien on the way. They then all give a vague recap of events since they last met. O-Chul states he wasn't expecting to live and Elan warns him how after stating that, death usually follows.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Lien: Sir, I think I see Durkon ahead!
Hinjo: Are you sure? Because that would be a highly unlikely coinci—

Panel 2

Vaarsuvius and O-Chul each appear directly above Hinjo with a "pop! pop!", and O-Chul lands on top of Hinjo with a "THUNK!"

Panel 3

Hinjo: What the—O-CHUL?!?
Lien: O-CHUL!
O-Chul: I bring greetings from our homeland, Lord Hinjo! Lien!
O-Chul: I apologize for the abrupt entrance.

Panel 4

Lien: How—I thought you died in the castle!
O-Chul: The goblin held me prisoner these months.
Hinjo: Then—our comrades? Do any yet live?
O-Chul: No, my Lord. I am afraid they were all dead and gone before Soon's Gate exploded.

Panel 5

Hinjo: I see. Then you were the one who made the decision to destroy the Gate rather than let it fall into Xykon's clutches.
O-Chul: I did make that decision, and it was my blade that did the deed.
O-Chul: I will say no more about it, lest I speak ill of the dead.

Panel 6

Haley and Elan rush into view, while Hinjo uses Lay on Hands to heal O-Chul.
Haley: Hinjo! Vaarsuvius left to—wait, V??
Elan: You're alive! And less scary!
O-Chul: Your elven friend is paralyzed, but he did help me complete one last mission before we left.

Panel 7

Haley: O-Chul!!! I can't believe it! I thought that monster ate you!
O-Chul: Far from it, in fact.
Hinjo: Wait, how did Haley get here?
Lien: Sir, I'm not even sure how WE got here.

Panel 8

O-Chul: Lord Hinjo, I suggest you debrief me immediately. I have a great deal of valuable intelligence regarding our foes.
Hinjo: Of course. I'll have a scribe join us.
O-Chul: Make it our most learned one...I have questions about how we escaped that perhaps they can answer.

Panel 9

Lien: I can't believe you survived as their prisoner for so long!
O-Chul: I'll be honest, I did not actually expect to live through this.
Elan: Don't say that!

Panel 10

Elan: Whenever someone says that right after surviving something dangerous, something totally random pops out and kills them!

Panel 11

Beat. Elan looks up in the sky.

Panel 12

Beat. Lien, O-Chul, and Haley look up, while Elan looks at the ground.

Panel 13

Elan: Well, most of the time, at least.
Elan: Just don't announce that you're going to retire tomorrow, OK?

Trivia Edit

  • The title is a reference to the catchphrase of Danny Glover's character Roger Murtaugh from the Lethal Weapon movie franchise, "I'm too old for this s***". Previously in the Order of the Stick comics, the phrase was used by the CPPD Chief just prior to his demise, in #360, Hail to the Chief.

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