Inevitable Betrayal? Check.
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 57
Date published 18 April 2004
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"An Alternate Hypothesis" "First Aid"
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The Linear Guild's purposes become all too clear.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Durkon: Thor's beard! Nale just stabbed Elan! Hang on, I'm comin' ta heal ya!

Panel 2

Hilgya Firehelm: Sorry about this. I really do like you.
Durkon: Sorry 'bout what?
Sabine begins to reveal her true form behind Durkon's back

Panel 3

Hilgya: This.
Sabine energy drains Durkon
Durkon: GAAH!

Panel 4

Roy: Huh?? I don't—What's going on??
Nale: Really, Roy, I thought it was fairly self-explanatory.
Nale: We're betraying you. Zz'dtri?

Panel 5

Zz'dtri: Wall of Ice.
Belkar: OK, this blows! We're trapped!
Roy's sword hits the ice with a useless "clink!"

Panel 6

Nale: Xykon hired me to kill you, unaware that the Talisman for which I searched lay in his dungeon. I knew needed someone of "pure heart" to use the Sigils, so I figured, "Why not use the schmucks first?"

Panel 7

Nale: Of course I'm Lawful Evil, so I see no reason not to honor my contract with Xykon and kill you.
Zz'dtri: Fly.
Roy hits the Wall of Ice with a "thunk!"

Panel 8

Nale: Plus, it will be the perfect test for the Talisman.

Panel 9

Belkar: Ha! Dumbass, you forgot about the rune thingies! They can't touch us up here!

Panel 10

Nale: Thog?
Thog cleaves though the edge of the platform and the protective runes
Thog: oopsie.

Panel 11

The Linear Guild begins to fly off.
Nale: Soon, the ice will melt or the monsters will overwhelm the wall, and that will be the end of the Order of the Stick! Farewell!

Panel 12

Sabine: What a great mastermind speech, baby.
Nale: I worked on it all night!

D&D Context Edit

  • Sabine is a Succubus and her embrace/touch gives negative levels.
  • Wall of Ice is a mid-level Wizard spell that creates a difficult-to-break-through ice wall.
  • Fly is a low-level utility spell that allows a person to fly. It can be granted to another creature through touch, which would explain why Thog can fly in the last panel.

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