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Nuthin' But Net
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 556
Date published 12 May 2008
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"Half-Dragons Are Even Worse" "The Puppet Mistress"
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The rescue party is captured.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Elan: I still say we can talk to the orcs. If they've begun worshipping Banjo, then they are obviously highly enlightened individuals who will listen to reason.
Durkon: Aye, well, we can try talkin' ta 'em AFTER we rescue Lien.
Daigo: I agree. Better to—
Daigo walks through a tripwire, "snag!"

Panel 2

A net comes down, "sproing!"
Elan: GAH!!

Panel 3

Elan: Oh man! A net! Now WE'RE captured, too!
Daigo: No need to panic, it's just a hunting snare. It's intended to trap animals.

Panel 4

Elan: Oh, cruel world, that we, people who were doing the rescuing, now need to be rescuinged ourselves!
Daigo: No, it's OK. I'm pretty sure we can just lift up the edges and crawl out.

Panel 5

Elan: Now that we have fallen into the clutches of our enemies, is there any hope for escape?
Daigo: Actually, Elan, we're escaping right now.
Elan: ANY HOPE AT ALL?!?!?

Panel 6

Elan is still under the net, Daigo and Durkon stand aside.
Elan: If only there was a way to free ourselves, but alas, we are helpless!
Daigo: OK, seriously, Elan, stop screwing around.
Durkon: Blast it, lad, have ye gone completely daft, instead o' yer usual mostly daft?

Panel 7

Elan: OK, OK, sure, we can get out of the net. But obviously, we're supposed to be captured here. You know, so the story continues the right way.
Elan: Otherwise, there wouldn't be a net in our path in the first place.
Elan: I just figure it would be easier to not fight it for once. If we're going to get taken prisoner anyway, I'd rather not get my butt kicked first.

Panel 8

Daigo: That's ridiculous. The whole point here is to AVOID being captured.
Elan: Right, which is why it's guaranteed that we WILL be captured.
Elan: Where's the dramatic tension in us waltzing in and succeeding?

Panel 9

Durkon: Och, by Thor's ankle...if 'n yet gonna stay thar, we'll come back fer ye after we get tha lass.
Elan: No, seriously, guys! Save yourself a world of hurt, get back under—

Panel 10

Orc (off-panel): intruders!
grukgruk (off-panel): get them!
Grey-Shirted Orc (off-panel): for banjo!

Panel 11

Durkon (off-panel): Holy wor—OW!!!
Durkon's concentration is broken, "fizzle!" by the arrows, blows, and stabs that he and Daigo take off-panel, "ffft! ffft! ffft! whumph! thunk! thunk! splortch!"
Daigo (off-panel): Ahh!

Panel 12

Elan , Daigo and Durkon are captured and tied up. The latter two are injured and Durkon is gagged.
Elan (singing): Fight, fight, fight, fight the urge to say, "I told you so!"

D&D Context Edit

  • Holy Word is a powerful 7th level cleric spell that has the power to blind, deafen, paralyze and/or kill all who can hear the holy utterance.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first appearance of the Grey-Shirted Orc.

External Links Edit

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