Young Dwarves in Love
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 52
Date published 1 April 2004
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"Stupid Isn't Always Cute" "See, They're Flying, Because It's an Air Sigil"
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As they and the twins approach the Fire Sigil, Hilgya appears to show interest in Durkon, and masters the evil Beasts of Flame with suspicious ease.

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Panel 1

Elan, Durkon, Nale and Hilgya stand in a room full of flames.
Elan: Whoa, everything's on fire.
Nale: That's why we brought two clerics along, brother.
Durkon: Protection from Fire!
Hilgya Firehelm: Protection from Fire!

Panel 2

Hilgya: hee hee! Jinx!
Durkon: Heh heh...

Panel 3

Elan (whispering): Pssst! I think Hilgya likes you.
Durkon: Wuh?
Elan (whispering): And I mean LIKES likes you.

Panel 4

Durkon: Elan, jus' becuase we are tha same class and race don't mean...
Elan: Wouldn't that be so cool?

Panel 5

Elan: I find my long-lost brother and you find a girlfriend? Meeting the Linear Guild is the best thing that ever happened!!!

Panel 6

The party encounters two salamanders guarding the way.
Salamander of the Fire Sigil: You go no further, flesh things!
Salamander #2: We'll turn you to ash!!

Panel 7

Nale: Hilgya, I think you'd like to have a word with these gentlemen alone, perhaps?
Hilgya: Of course, Nale.

Panel 8

Nale walks stage right to Elan and Durkon leaving Hilgya off stage left.
Elan: What's going on?
Nale: Hilgya just needs some "alone time."
Salamander of the Fire Sigil (off-panel): Ha! They're leaving her!
Salamander #2 (off-panel): Burn her!

Panel 9

Hilgya (off-panel): Try to burn me if you wish, Beast of Flame. But look! I am the servant of Loki, God of Flames and Chaos!
Salamander of the Fire Sigil (off-panel): Aaaa!
Salamander #2 (off-panel): Nooo!

Panel 10

Hilgya (off-panel): Bow before me, mewling servants of fire. Your god Loki commands it! Hilgya commands it!
Salamander of the Fire Sigil (off-panel): Yes, mistress!
Salamander #2 (off-panel): Don't smite us, mistress!

Panel 11

Hilgya returns from stage left, while Nale exits stage left
Hilgya: All clear!
Hilga winks, "wink!"

Panel 12

Elan (whispering): Did you see that? She just winked at you! You are so "in"!
Durkon: Why do I have tha nagging fellin' that with a few more ranks a' Knowledge (Religion), I'd be a lot more worried aboot all a' this?
Salamander of the Fire Sigil: Praise Hilgya!
Salamander #2: Praise Loki!
Fire Guardian (off-panel): Welcome, righteous warriors! you have defeated—AAARRGH!
Off panel, in the direction that Nale went towards the Fire Guardian a sound is heard, "splortch!"

D&D Context Edit

  • Protection from Fire is a form of the spell Protection from Energy, which provides a limited shield against one type of energy.
  • Knowledge (Religion) is a skill that encompasses understanding of religions, myths and churches.
  • Salamanders are one of the classic elemental monsters, in D&D and in folklore.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first appearance (off-panel dialog counts) of the Flame Sprite Earth Sigil Guardian. She will appear (in person this time) only once more, in #532.
  • This is the final appearance of the Salamander of the Earth Sigil.
  • In Norse mythology, Loki is Thor's adopted brother, and enemy.

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