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Comic no. 494
Date published 14 Oct 2007
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"Led Zeppelin Lied to Us All" "(Eu)gene Therapy"
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Roy is reunited with his mother in the afterlife.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy approaches a house on Mt. Celestia.
Roy's Archon: That's the house, right there.

Panel 2

Roy knocks on the door, "knock! knock! knock!"
Roy: I'll tell you, I am pretty excited to see Mom again. I know it's only been 3 years since she—

Panel 3

Roy: Oh! Uh, hello, miss. I was looking for Sara Greenhilt?
Sara Greenhilt: ROY!!!

Panel 4

Roy: Have we met before?
Sara: Roy, honey, it's me. Your mother.
Roy: Um, no. My mother has a grey bun hairdo and osteoporosis, not pigtails and a rack.

Panel 5

Sara: Roy, it's me. Honest.
Roy: Prove it.
Sara: When you were 4, you wouldn't ever go to bed until I had read you "The Little Psion That Could."

Panel 6

A psionic levitates a train car with his mind.
Psionic (thinking): I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Panel 7

Roy: I don't know, you could have been scrying on us...
Roy's Archon: No, Roy, that IS your mother.
Sara: See? Even Roy's Archon agrees.
Roy's Archon: How did you know my name?

Panel 8

Sara: This is the afterlife, Roy, honey.
Sara: We all appear as our ideal version of ourselves, and I guess I never stopped thinking of myself as the 19-year-old looker who had never even heard the name, "Eugene Greenhilt".

Panel 9

Roy: Then why did Dad still look like a wrinkled old man?
Sara: Because your father has ALWAYS been a wrinkled old man in his heart, he was just hiding in a younger man's body most of his life.

Panel 10

Roy's Archon: And your appearance matches your moment of death, since your mind is still thinking about recent events in the realm of mortals.
Roy: I guess that makes a certain degree of sense.

Panel 11

Roy: It's just a little... weird... to see you looking like that.
Sara: Don't be silly. This is the real me.
Sara: Now come and give your mommy a great big hug.

Panel 12

Sara: If you want, I can read you that book again.
Sara: You can put your head on my lap, like when you were young.
Roy: No, that's... no thanks, Mom.

D&D Contet Edit

  • A psion or psionic is a character class which has mental powers such as telekinesis or telepathy.
  • The psion appears to be from the Dark Sun campaign setting, where all characters have at least some psionic talent.
  • Scrying is the ability to see people or places remotely, such as through a crystal ball.

Trivia Edit

  • The title refers to Roy's mother's attractiveness in the afterlife. It stands for Dead Mother I'd Like to F***, where the final word is an expletive.
  • The psion's thoughts refer to the 1930 illustrated children's book by Platt & Munk, The Little Engine That Could.
  • This is the only appearance of the Little Psion That Could.
  • Roy's Archon's name really is "Roy's Archon".

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