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Leadership Is About the Tough Decisions

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Leadership Is About the Tough Decisions
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 403
Date published 19 January 2007
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"Speaking From the Heart" "A Paladin's Duty"
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Roy seeks an audience with Lord Shojo.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy, Belkar, Haley and Elan arrive at the castle. Belkar is disguised as a paladin.
Hinjo: Morning!
Roy: Hey, Hinjo.
Hinjo: What brings you to the castle today? I didn't even know you were still in town.
Roy: Here to see your uncle.

Panel 2

Hinjo: Ah, of course. This would be about what's been going on with your imprisoned friend, Belkar, right?
Roy: Uh...maybe. Why, what's going on with him?

Panel 3

Hinjo: The guards tell me he's been on a hunger strike.
Hinjo: He hasn't eaten one bite since we locked him up three weeks ago.

Panel 4

Prison guard: Please, just eat something.
Illusory Belkar: Forceful assertion of open resentment towards authority.
Prison guard: Help me help you!
Illusory Belkar: Please view accompanying hand gesture.

Panel 5

Belkar: That Belkar. As stubborn as he is stone cold sexy.
Hinjo: Uh, right. Anyway, if you could find time to talk to him, that would be great. He may be a prisoner, but we don't want him to starve.

Panel 6

Hinjo: Anyway, have fun, I'm needed out by the front gate to the city. Some jackass pirate buzzed the walls and took out three catapults last night.
Elan: I'm sure whoever it was had a really good reason and is really, really sorry.

Panel 7

Roy approaches the entrance to the throne room where O-Chul and a guard stand.
Roy: Hey, we're here to see Lord Shojo. We're his 10 o'clock.
O-Chul: I'm sorry, Lord Shojo is not to be disturbed right now.

Panel 8

Roy: But we have and appointment! Check the list.
Belkar: Look under "Order of the Stick and mysterious cloaked stranger who is totally NOT a halfling on stilts."

Panel 9

O-Chul: Be that as it may, Lord Shojo is unavailable.
O-Chul: There is an unexpected situation that requires his immediate attention, and a difficult decision that needs to be made.
O-Chul: He requested that all visitors be turned away until the current emergency has been resolved.

Panel 10

Roy: What sort of emergency? Could we help?
O-Chul: I assume whatever it is to be of critical importance and dire urgency if he is—

Panel 11

From the next room
Lord Shojo (off-panel): Now come on, Mr. Scruffy, you need to choose. Do you want yummy chicken liver, or a scrumptious tuna feast?
Mr. Scruffy (off-panel): Meow.
Lord Shojo (off-panel): Tuna, it is.
O-Chul: *sigh*

Panel 12

O-Chul: Crisis averted.
O-Chul: You may enter.
Roy: We've never met before, and yet I feel an odd spiritual kinship...

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