Eye of the Tiger, Baby
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 391
Date published 18 December 2006
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"In a Class All His Own" "Death From Above"
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Training Montage!

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Elan and Julio stand on the deck of the Mechane
Julio: Elan, are you ready to begin your training as a Dashing Swordsman?
Julio: We only have to days and two nights before we’ll be at Azure City.

Panel 2

Elan: I’m ready, Captain Scoundrél!!
Julio: Very well. And so…it begins!

Panel 3

Inside a cabin, Elan is brushing his teeth.
Julio: You call that a winning smile? I want to see my reflection in those teeth!

Panel 4

Back on deck, Elan and Julio fence with rapiers against a backdrop of the setting sun.
Julio: Parry!
Julio: And thrust!
Julio: And quip!
Elan: So you get my point?
Julio: AGAIN!

Panel 5

Now nighttime, Elan winks at the Mechane Crewwoman with Bandana, "wink!"
Julio: Does she look like she’s swooning? DO IT AGAIN!

Panel 5

Day again, Elan swings on a rope holding a dummy over two crewmen dressed in alligator costumes.
Julio: Swing! Swing like your opening weekend box office returns depend on it!

Panel 6

Night again, Julio and Elan stand on deck.
Julio: OK, good work, Elan! Good work. You are far exceeding my expectations.
Elan: Thanks! Can I ask you one question, though?
Julio: Of course.

Panel 7

A wide shot of the deck shows that all the backdrops have been scenery flats painted with the setting sun, nighttime, etc.
Elan: How come we’ve only been doing this for twenty minutes, but you’ve already changed the backdrop five times and gone through three costumes?
Julio: Elan, never underestimate the strategic value of a good Training Scene Montage. It could save your life someday.
Julio: Though I guess maybe I should actually teach you some of those things…

Trivia Edit

  • Eye of the Tiger is a 1982 single by Survivor. It was also the theme song of the film Rocky III, released in the same year. The song is featured during Rocky's training montage as he prepares to face Clubber Lang, played by Mr. T. Rocky is trained by is old foe, Apollo Creed, who tells him he needs to have the "Eye of the Tiger".
  • This is the first appearance of Carol. Her name would not be revealed until 673 strips and over ten years of real world time later, in #1064.

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