While the Fiend's Away...
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 380
Date published 23 November 2006
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"Perform IS on the Aristocrat's Skill List" "Improved Feint"
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Sabine learns some information she must deliver to her infernal masters, leaving Nale free to play on his newfound knowledge about Haley.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Sabine: So the planet is holding a nigh-unstoppable god-killing terror that will consume everything if it gets out.
Nale: Apparently.

Panel 2

Sabine: Hard to believe THAT team of shmucks is on a quest that's so...irrevocable.
Nale: I know what you mean. The knowledge that the fate of the entire multiverse hinges on their every action must be a terrible burden, haunting them constantly.

Panel 3

Cut to the Order.
Durkon: Who's up fer Parcheesi??
Roy: Sure.
Belkar: What the hell, OK.

Panel 4

Nale: Eh, what do we care, we're the Bad Guys. So what evil stuff are we doing tonight while we wait?
Sabine: Uh, actually, it turns out I need to stop home for something.

Panel 5

Nale: What? Now??
Sabine: Yeah. Sorry, it just came up this instant.
Nale: Hello, we're in the middle of a totally evil plot here! What's so important that you need zip off to the Lower Planes this instant?
Sabine: Umm...

Panel 6

Panel showing IFCC instructing Sabine.
Lee: —and keep us apprised of anything you discover that might tip the cosmic balance between Good and Evil in our favor.
Cedrik: You'll be eligible for a 10% finder's fee.

Panel 7

Sabine: It's, uh... that time of the century.
Nale: Huh?
Sabine: You know...the Red Knight is requesting lodging.

Panel 8

Nale: Oh! I didn't even know that happened to outsiders.
Sabine: Yeah, well, it does. Absolutely. So, gotta stop home for...hygiene supplies.

Panel 9

Sabine: Look, I know I'm not supposed to use my Plane Shift power unless it's an emergency, but trust me, this qualifies.
Sabine: I can use it once per day. I'll pop over there now and be back tomorrow. You already said they're not leaving for Girard's Gate until then.
Sabine casts Plane Shift (a portal).

Panel 10

Nale: But what am I supposed to do tonight?
Sabine steps into the portal
Sabine: What am I, your mother? Find some way to amuse yourself.

Panel 11

Nale looks at the portal closing.

Panel 12

Nale visits Haley with some flowers.
Nale: Knock, knock.

D&D Context Edit

  • Plane Shift is a 7th level wizard spell that opens a portal to another plane of existence.
  • Succubi do not canonically have a plane shift ability.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first appearance of the IFCC; their next appearance would not be until #632, My Three Fiends. They have yet to be named.
  • This appearance of the three fiends is the first time that Sabine's loyalties are shown to be divided.

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