He Didn't Even Have to Say Please
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 378
Date published 17 November 2006
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"Travel Delays" "Perform IS on the Aristocrat's Skill List"
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Nale and Sabine plot to co-opt Xykon's evil plan. Nale has a realization about Haley.

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Panel 1

Nale: We might have a change of plans.
Nale: Apparently, Greenhilt and his lackeys are about to embark on a trip to protect some sort of doomsday device in the West.
Nale: A "gate" that could destroy the universe. He kept mentioning it on the walk back from the mountains.

Panel 2

Nale: Remember our old "friend" Xykon? Well, he's after it too. And he might be a fool, but he's quite good at staying alive. Undead. Whatever.
Nale: The point is, he's not the kind of villain who would be interested in blowing everything up just for giggles. He likes existing way too much.

Panel 3

Nale: Therefore, I theorize that he must have uncovered some means of directing or controlling this "gate" to serve—
Sabine: Quiet! Someone's coming!

Panel 4

Haley walks past smiling and waving at Nale/Elan.

Panel 5

Haley continues past and looks back giving the evil eye to the disguised Sabine.

Panel 6

Sabine: Did you see that look she gave me? Do you think she knows it's us??
Nale: No... if she knew, she wouldn't also have smiled at me.

Panel 7

Nale: Smiles for "Elan" and a petrifying gaze attack for the woman with whom he's speaking...
Nale: I do believe our little rogue is in love with my brother.

Panel 8

Nale: Fascinating...
Sabine: Ahem.
Nale: Oddly quiet, though...
Sabine: I believe I said, "Ahem".

Panel 9

Nale: Ah, right. At any rate, if I can maintain this disguise, Greenhilt will lead me right to this "gate".
Nale: With that kind of power, I could hold the whole world hostage to my whims!

Panel 10

Sabine: Yeah, but you don't know whatever Xykon knows.
Nale: True. But I'm considerably smarter than he is. If he can deduce the secret, then so can I.

Panel 11

Nale: I just need more data. I need to devise some scheme, some elaborate machination, by which I could unearth more information concerning this gate...

Panel 12

Cut to the throne room.
Roy: Can you tell us more about the gates?
Lord Shojo: Sure.
Nale: Huh.

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