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Rogues Gone Wild!
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 35
Date published 1 February 2004
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"Math is Fun" "Building a Better PC Trap "
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Haley's search techniques entertain the male portion of the Order of the Stick.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy: OK, you guys watch over Haley while she searches this door for traps. V and I will keep an eye out over there.
Elan: Cool.

Panel 2

Haley examines the doorknob

Panel 3

Haley bends at the waist, looking at the base of the door.

Panel 4

Haley stretches upward.

Panel 5

Said rogue jumps up in a half-split, climbing the wall.

Panel 6

The female party member jumps upside-down into a split, her ponytail holder falling out.

Panel 7

Haley is still upside-down, now looking in the other direction. Her hair is loose.

Panel 8

Her shirt slipping down a bit, the rogue is still in a split but is upward now, hair wild and loose.

Panel 9

On the ground again, Haley bends over at the waist.

Panel 10

Haley: All done!

Panel 11

Elan and Durkon are gaping, Belkar is smiling.

Panel 12

Elan: Uh...maybe you better keep searching.
Durkon: Aye, Take 20.
Belkar: Can't be too safe.
Haley (Turning back around to the door): Oh, OK.

Panel 13

Roy: Hey, what's taking so—WOAH!
Belkar: We thought it best that she keep searching.
Roy: Well, can't be too safe...
Haley (off-panel) Oops, my top! Tee hee!

D&D Context Edit

  • "Taking 20" is an actual game mechanic. By taking 20, the characters attempts to perform a skill repeatedly, to make sure it will succeed. This is equivalent to the player rolling the die (1d20) for this skill check as many times as necessary until getting a 20. There's also a related "take 10" option.

Trivia Edit

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