The Move Action of Shame
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 318
Date published 25 May 2006
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"The Best Part of Waking Up" "Healthier Living Through Repression"
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Roy lays out his plan to seek guidance at the Oracle of the Sunken Valley, while also concealing Celia, who is still wearing her dress from the night before.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy: OK, great, so we're all here to discuss—wait, where's Belkar? He should—
From off-panel stage left an explosion is heard, "BOOM!"

Panel 2

Vaarsuvius: Based on the proximity of that explosion, I would say he's on his way presently.
Durkon: *snicker*
Roy: OK, well, I'm not waiting. It's not like he'll pay attention anyway.

Panel 3

Roy: As you know, Lord Shojo has "hired" us to investigate the two gates remaining that seal in the big scribble monster or whatever.
Roy: Shojo has given me a vague idea of where they are: one is in a desert on the western continent, while the other is in the far north in the tundra somewhere.

Panel 4

Elan: Neat! Which one are we trying first?
Roy: Good question, Elan. The answer is: neither.
Elan: There's a gate at Neither, too??

Panel 5

Roy: The fact is that it took us weeks of hard adventuring to even be sure that Xykon was AT the Dungeon of Dorukan.
Roy: If we pick the wrong dungeon, Xykon is more likely to complete whatever his dumb plan is before we can find him.

Panel 6

Roy: Therefore, we're headed to the Sunken Valley, a few days from here.
Elan: Huh??
Durkon: Ach, not THA agin!!

Panel 7

Durkon: Thar's an Oracle thar. We visited 'im right before we hired tha lot o' you. It's how Roy knew where ta find Xykon.
Roy: Which means he's got a 100% accuracy rating as far as I'm concerned.

Panel 8

Roy: We head to the Oracle, and he tells us where Xykon is. Then we pop back here and mooch a Teleport off of Shojo.
Roy: The upshot is that we have a better chance of getting to the right dungeon faster.

Panel 9

Roy: Now, if you've got anything left to do in this city, get your asses out there and do it! We're leaving in one hour so HUSTLE, people, HUSTLE!
Vaarsuvius: An hour? But I still have reagents to purchase!
Durkon: Ach, an' I have to bring my letter to the castle...
They all leave, stage right.

Panel 10


Panel 11


Panel 12

Roy (whispering): Psst! The coast is clear.

Panel 13

Celia appears from behind the curtain, with messed up hair, wearing the same dress as she wore on her date with Roy the night before.
Celia: I told you we should have used MY place!
Roy: Just be happy none of them have Spot checks that are worth a damn.

D&D Context Edit

  • The title The Move Action of Shame refers to a "move action," one of the major actions you can take on your turn. Walking is a move action. Thus the title is a D&D pun on the concept of the Walk of shame.
  • Spot skill checks are used to see things.

Trivia Edit

  • Elan's comment about a gate at Neither suggests the possibility that there is a nation with the name "Neither", just as there are apparently the nations of Nowhere, Somewhere, and Someplace Else, as we learned in #226. However the possibility that it is just Elan being stupid is also strong.
  • The party's failure to put skill ranks to Spot was established early in the strip in #3, and has continued as a running gag.

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