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The Moment of Truth

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The Moment of Truth
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 316
Date published 17 May 2006
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"On Sylph's Wings" "The Best Part of Waking Up"
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The Southern New Year countdown has mixed results.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1, Page 1

Celia and Roy fly above the city.
Celia: Are you sure we can't stay and look at the shiny light some more?
Roy: Yeah, I'm sure. C'mon, it's time to count down to midnight.

Panel 2, Page 1

Durkon and Belkar stand on the city streets.
Durkon: Dwarven tradition dictates tha we drink one ale fer each number 'n tha countdown.
Belkar: This is a New Year's tradition?
Durkon: Na, pretty much whene'er anyone counts.
Belkar: Nice.

Panel 3, Page 1

Elan and Haley stand nearby, along with Haley's Self-Loathing.
Elan: TEN!
Haley's Self-Loathing: OK, here we go, girl. Count from ten and then kiss him.

Panel 4, Page 1

Celia: Ooo! I love this part.
Celia: NINE!
Roy: Hahaha!

Panel 5, Page 1

Durkon & Belkar: EIGHT!
Belkar: EIGHT!
Vaarsuvius: Hrmmph. This certainly promises to spiral out of control.

Panel 6, Page 1

Elan: SEVEN!
Haley: But I'm I'm not good enough for—
Haley's Self-Loathing: Don't you wuss out on me! Kiss him!

Panel 7, Page 1

Celia & Roy: SIX!

Panel 8, Page 1

Belkar: SEV—
Belkar: uh—
Belkar: FIVE!

Panel 9, Page 1

Elan: FOUR!
Haley's Self-Loathing: Do it!

Panel 10, Page 1

Celia and Roy look at each other.
Celia & Roy: Three.

Panel 11, Page 1

Durkon: Lad, I think maybe ye better slow down...
Belkar: TWO!

Panel 12, Page 1

Elan (off-panel): ONE!
Haley's Self-Loathing: DO IT!

Panel 1, Page 2

Celia & Roy kiss.

Panel 2, Page 2

Belkar kisses Vaarsuvius.

Panel 3, Page 2

Haley stands paralyzed in front of Elan.

Panel 4, Page 2

Elan: Haley?

Panel 5, Page 2

Haley still stands paralyzed in front of Elan.

Panel 6, Page 2

A random girl kisses Elan. Haley bows her head down.
Girl: Happy New Year, cutie!
Elan: Mmmph!

Panel 7, Page 2

Haley: Dxyye Mwp Ewxk.

Trivia Edit

  • The translation of Haley's line is:
    • Page 2, Panel 7: Happy New Year.

External Links Edit

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