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My Dinner with Elan
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 309
Date published 24 April 2006
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"Sword Envy" "Advanced Dates & Dinners"
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Haley's dinner with Elan does not go as well as she might have hoped.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Elan: This is neat, having dinner together.
Haley (thinking): OK, Haley, you can do this.

Panel 2

Haley (thinking): The cleric said that if you were ready to reveal the secret, this stupid speech problem would go away on its own. Time to be a big girl and just do it. Just say, "Elan, I'm in love with you."

Panel 3

Elan: Oooo! They have calamari!
Haley: Yrhw, N'u nw rdjy mnck vdg.

Panel 4

Haley (thinking): Darn it! It didn't work! Wait, maybe I wasn't ready. I'll try it again.
Elan: Actually, I don't think I like calamari.

Panel 5

Haley: Yrhw, N'u nw rdjy mnck vdg. Lduzrycyrv nw rdjw.
Elan: I'll get the chicken.
Haley: Rdjy, rdjy, rdjy, rdjy!
Elan: I think "rdjy" means "salad".

Panel 6

Haley (thinking): Shoot! It's not working! Stupid quack clerics, I should have never—
Haley (thinking): Wait a minute! What if it's a different secret that's causing the problem?

Panel 7

Haley: Uv ehe nb aynwp kyre fhwbdu av hw yjnr enlchcdf.
Elan: Look, the salt and peper shakers are fighting!
Haley: N u wdc fyhrrv nw cky Cknyjtb'Pgnre hwvudfy.

Panel 8

Haley (thinking): Darn!! How am I supposed to know which secret is causing the problem?
Haley (thinking): They couldn't have narrowed it down a little for me?
Elan: Pow! Bam!

Panel 9

Haley: N lkyhc hc bdrnchnfy.
Haley: N khjy h chccdd vdg'jy wyjyf byyw.
Haley: N tnbbye h pnfr dwly.
Haley: DT, DT, udfy ckhw dwly!

Panel 10

Haley (thinking): Geez, we're gonna be here all night at this rate
Haley (thinking): Oh.
Haley (thinking): Oh, no it couldn't be THAT could it? Even V doesn't know that one...
Haley (thinking): No, Haley, this is important. Tell him.

Panel 11

Haley: Yrhw, nc cgfwb dgc N uhv wdc ay yqhlcrv mkhc vdg mdgre lhrr—
Elan: Don't you think our waitress is pretty, Haley?

Panel 12

Haley (thinking): I wonder if having the urge to plunge my chopsticks into my brain consitutes a secret?
Elan: Can I have your croutons?

Trivia Edit

  • The translations of Haley's lines are:
    • Panel 3: Elan, I'm in love with you.
    • Panel 5: Elan, I'm in love with you. Completely in love. Love, love, love, love!
    • Panel 7: My dad is being held ransom by an evil dictator.
      I'm not really in the Thieves' Guild anymore.
    • Panel 9: I cheat at solitaire.
      I have a tattoo you've never seen.
      I kissed a girl once. OK, OK, more than once!
    • Panel 11: Elan, it turns out I may not be exactly what you would call—
  • Haley's near revelation in panel 11 invoked numerous theories among forum goers regarding the end of the sentence, including "human", "female" and "heterosexual".
  • The strip's title is a reference to the 1981 film My Dinner with Andre written by and starring Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn.

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