Oddly, He Can Still Get Dressed in Under a Minute
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 235
Date published 21 October 2005
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"The Ultimate Sacrifice" "Mean Girl"
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Roy and Elan escape the assassins.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy has become a woman, but it still bald.
Roy: The lesson here is, if the magic item doesn't specifically SAY it grows hair, it probably doesn't.

Panel 2

Roy: Maybe if I use this mop head as a wig... and borrow Elan's cloak...

Panel 3

Roy: Well, I won't be winning the Miss Adventurer pageant but I think it'll get the job done.

Panel 4

Roy: C'mon, Elan, up you go.
Elan: Roy? Is that you?
Elan: Your skin is so soft...

Panel 5

Roy exits the closet, carrying Elan.
Roy: Don't hurt us! We're unarmed!

Panel 6

Shadowdancer: Who are you?
Roy: One of the king's companions. He slipped out a secret door in that closet, but he locked it behind him, leaving us stranded.

Panel 7

Shadowdancer: We apologize, miss. We seek only the King of Nowhere himself. You and your drunken friend are free to go.
Shadowdancer: Come, let us search the closet.

Panel 8

Roy (thinking): It's working! I can't believe it, Elan's plan is actually working!

Panel 9

Roy (thinking): OK, first, get help for Elan. Second, regroup with the rest of the party. Third—
Redaxe (off-panel): STOP!

Panel 10

Roy (thinking): Oh crap. Oh crap. He saw through the disguise. Oh crap.
Redaxe (whispering): I'll be in Room 608 later tonight, Sweetcheeks.
Redaxe (whispering): Bring one o' yer girlfriends. I'll make it worth yer while.
He pinches Roy on the bottom, "pinch!".

Panel 11

Roy (thinking): OK, change of plans. First, get help for Elan. Second, find a bath and try to scrub skeezy feeling away.

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