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Comic no. 227
Date published c. September 2005
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"Who's On the Throne?" "Unlawful Good"
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Roy gets the royal treatment, but Miko would not be impressed.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

In the Royal Suite, Roy is being fed grapes and fruit by scantily clad serving girls while Pepe fans him with a palm frond.
Durkon: Whuh? We take a nap fer a few hours an this...?
Haley: Hey! They specifically told me I couldn't get the fans-and-grapes thing!

Panel 2

Leon: I'm sorry, but the king is very busy now and cannot be disturbed.
Roy: No, no, Leon, they're with me.
Leon: As you wish, your Majesty.

Panel 3

Haley: "Majesty"?
Elan: Roy, I never knew you were a king!
Roy: I wasn't until a few hours ago.

Panel 4

Elan: Wow! You were kinged! Does that mean you made it to the other side of the checkers board?
Roy: Sigh.
Roy: No, Elan. It means they've confused me with someone else.

Panel 5

Elan: Ohhh... so someone ELSE made it across the checkers board.
Durkon: Roy, dontcha think it be a wee bit wrong ta take all this from these folks?
Roy: No, and I'll tell you why.

Panel 6

An assassin spies on Roy through the window.
Roy: We just did a very good deed for very poor dirt farmers, and none of us—not even Haley—asked for any reward.
Roy: Since this just dropped in my lap, I figure it must be the Universe rewarding us for our selfless deed. Besides, worst comes to worst, I'll just pay for it out of my share of the treasure.

Panel 7

Roy: So sit down! Take a load off! We deserve some R&R!
Haley: I sure could use a pedicure.
Durkon: Aye, me toenails be in sorry shape.

Panel 8

Roy: Now if only I could get Miko into one of these outfits, this would be perfect.
Durkon: Um, yeah, lad, me thinks it best if'n Miko ne're know aboot none o' this ere.
Roy: Aw, c'mon, you don't think all of this would impress her? Not even a little?

Panel 9

Miko is menacing a hotel employee.
Miko: By the Twelve Gods and in the name of Lord Shojo, I demand to know:
Miko: Who removed the tag from this mattress?!?

Panel 10

Durkon: No, lad. Na even a little.

D&D ContextEdit

  • The comic's title is a play on the initialisms AD&D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) and R&R (Rest and Recreation).

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only appearance of Leon.
  • In the USA, mattresses have a tag which states that the tag must not be removed from that mattress. This is a source for many jokes, as the joke in the penultimate panel of this comic. More about this common gag can be found here.
  • Haley's line in the first panel is a callback to #225.
  • The bi-weekly discussion page for strips #222-#227 was lost in a purge of the forum at Exact publishing dates for these strips are not publicly known at this time, though presumably the Giant knows.

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