Arrow Time
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 152
Date published 28 February 2005
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The rogues get some backup.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

The melee fighters still have the Second Level Bandit surrounded.
Second Level Bandit: Thank you, miss, I'd like to stop learning now.
Bandit King (wispering off-panel): Looks like the new kid didn't have what it takes.
Bandit King (whispering off-panel): We better get in there.

Panel 2

Three rogues emerge from the underbrush.
Bandit King: Bandits! Fire!

Panel 3

A rain of arrows falls on the Order of the Stick.
Durkon: Hey, where'd tha sun go?

Panel 4

Multiple arrows hit the party, some are blocked by Durkon and Roy, "thunk! thunk! thunk! thunk!"
Roy: Gaah!
Belkar: AARGH!

Panel 5

Roy: Haley! V! Return fire!
Haley: Y'think? Vaarsuvius prepares a spell while Haley draws her bowstring.

Panel 6

The Short-Haired Bandit Girl hits Vaarsuvius with an arrow, "thunk!", causing the spell to "fizzle!". Meanwhile Roy fights the dual-wielding bandit leader, Haley readies two arrows and Belkar leaps into action.

Panel 7

Bandit King: Fall back, bandits! Retreat!

Panel 8

Haley: They just left?
Belkar: Maybe we provided too much resistance?
Vaarsuvius: Yes, I am certain our flesh proved far too springy for their arrows' taste.

Panel 9

Roy: Well, the important thing is, we didn't lose any valuables to those dirty thieves.

Panel 10

Elan is being carried away by two bandits.
Elan: Woooo! Faster! Go faster!!

D&D Context Edit

  • When casting a spell, the spellcaster must maintain concentration in order to complete it. Taking damage during casting requires the caster to make a Concentration check or else the spell fizzles, and the spell slot is wasted.

Trivia Edit

  • Durkon's line in panel 3 referes to the Battle of Thermopylae, where the Persians reportedly fired numerous arrows that would "block out the sun". This was referred again in Comic 425, where Elan cried he didn't want to fight in the shade.
  • The comic's title is likely a reference to MC Hammer's 1990 hit song U Can't Touch This where he used the phrase "Hammer Time".
  • This is the first appearance for most of these members of the Bandit Clan, specifically, Samantha's Father, Funny Hat Bandit, Light Guard Bandit, Dark Guard Bandit, Short-Haired Bandit Girl, and Other Bandit Who Abducted Elan.

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