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Teh Gewd Gods
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 137
Date published 6 January 2005
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"It's Not a Gaming Session Until Someone Quotes Monty Python" "Tomorrow's Technology Today"
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Elan decides to get more support for Banjo.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Elan enters the Temple of Freya in the town near Redmountain Hills.
Hiram: Welcome to the Temple of Freya!
Elan: Hi! We'd like to join your organization.

Panel 2

Hiram: Of course, Freya embraces those who wish to worship her.
Elan: Worship? Oh, no, ha ha, no, see, we don't want to join your church.

Panel 3

Elan holds up Banjo. Banjo wears a sign that reads, "I'm back, baby!"
Elan: We want to join your pantheon.

Panel 4

Hiram: Uh... excuse me?
Elan: Y'know, this little collective thing you've got going here. The thing Thor's a member of.

Panel 5

Hiram: You wish to be a god?
Elan: No, no, Banjo the Clown here already IS a god. I'm just trying to increase his unique prayers-per-day.

Panel 6

Elan: You guys have got a great system set up here. Each of the gods plugs the other ones so you can share audiences. Very shrewd.
Elan: Tell me, do you have some kind of revenue sharing? T-shirt deals?

Panel 7

Hiram: Sir, the Asgardian Pantheon is not some kind of... of marketing scheme! You cannot just "join" it!
Elan: So does that mean you aren't accepting submissions at this time?

Panel 8

Hiram: I do not believe Lord Odin would be accepting "submissions" from mortals for godhood at any time!!
Elan: Oh, I see. Once your deity gets in the Top 10, they've got no time for the little guy!

Panel 9

Elan: Or is it that Banjo is a puppet? Is that it, discrimination?
Elan: Don't make me call the Puppet Civil Liberties union!

Panel 10

Hiram: The gods are beings of divine cosmic power! Older than the world itself! They are not recruiting!
Elan: Fine! Lord Banjo never wanted to be in your stupid pantheon anyway!

Panel 11

Cut away to Asgard, where Thor stands near Odin on a throne.
Thor: Never mind, Dad, he just said he didn't want to be in the pantheon.
Odin: Aww, but I like puppets.

Trivia Edit

  • The Puppet Civil Liberties Union is a reference to the American Civil Liberties Union.
  • This is the first appearance of Odin in the comic.
  • The two birds next to Odin are the ravens Huginn and Muninn (Thought and Memory). This is their first appearance in the comic.
  • Freya is a goddess in the Asgardian Pantheon along with Odin and Thor, the latter of whom Durkon worships.
  • When Elan (or possibly Banjo himself) rejects the Asgardian Pantheon, the horns on Banjo's hat disappear.

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