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Dust in the Wind
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 115
Date published 28 October 2004
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"Exciting Climax" "Finding Stuff"
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Ding Dong, the Wicked Lich is dead!

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Xykon is caught by the magical sigil on Dorukan's Gate.
Xykon: Y'know, actually, this isn't that bad.

Panel 2

Xykon explodes. "BOOM! Pieces of him fly everywhere.

Panel 3

Belkar: that it? Did we win?
Durkon: Aye, me thinks so.
Belkar: Wow. Who knew all you had to do was break his sword and he'd go all Lou Ferrigno.

Panel 4

Elan: Ow! Ow! Ow!

Panel 5

Haley: Elan, the Symbol of Pain is gone now. You can stop saying "Ow!" over and over.
Elan: But now I have skeleton dust in my eye!

Panel 6

Haley: Oh, hold still, I'll get it.
Elan: OWW!!
Haley: Hold still!
Durkon: Vaarsuvius, can ye move again? Or are ye still paralyz'd?

Panel 7

Vaarsuvius: Nunnh.

Panel 8

Durkon: No? Was that'a "No I c'n move agin," or a "No I'm still paralyz'd"? Are ye still think'n it over?

Panel 9

Vaarsuvius: Nunnh.

Panel 10

Durkon: Was that's "No, I'm still think'n it ov'r," or was that a "No, I'm still paralyz'd," or a "No, I'cn move agin"?
Demon Cockroach: Bored now.

Panel 11

Belkar stands next to two live goblins.
Goblin #1: Xykon's dead, so no one is paying us anymore. We surrender.

Panel 12

Belkar cuts off Goblin #1's legs, "schlurk!"

Panel 13

Belkar chases after Goblin #2.
Belkar: Run, my pretty little chunks of XP, run!!
Belkar: "Surrender." Ha! How do they come up with this stuff?

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