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Because Reasons
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1027
Date published 7 March 2016
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"Goliath Falls" "Don't Even Ask About Electrum"
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Roy starts taking the less reliable party members more seriously.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy: —and so now the final decision will be made by this council of dwarves, and the vampires are going to try to fix the vote.

Panel 2

Roy: The one bright spot is that the council is not a regular thing and needs to be assembled. And even with magic, it'll take time to get everyone in one place.
Haley: But we don't know whether they'll rush to get the whole group together because it's super-urgent...
Haley: ...or if the short notice means that they have trouble making arrangements for everyone.

Panel 3

Haley: So it'll be like racing an hourglass where the top half is opaque.
Elan: But that would make it really hard to tell how much—OH!

Panel 4

Haley: At least the Dwarven Lands are on the way north. I'll talk to Bandana about the change in plans.
Belkar: We wouldn't need a change in plans if you hadn't had you head too far up your own ass to listen to me!
Roy: I agree.
Belkar: Stop doing that!

Panel 5

Roy: I should've paid attention to what you were saying, since you witnessed things I didn't.
Roy: I wanted to believe that nothing had really changed—that Durkon was still Durkon and you were still an untrustworthy jerk.

Panel 6

Roy: As a leader, I need to do a better job of taking my team seriously.
Belkar: Well, good. I guess.
Belkar: Really takes all the fun out of rubbing it in your face, though.
Elan: Roy, why didn't you come and get me? Banjo could have cast the deciding vote!

Panel 7

Roy: First: since he's unrecognized as a member of any existing pantheon—
Roy: —I doubt Banjo would have had standing within the gods' existing protocols to cast a vote.

Panel 8

Roy: And second: the entire reason Hel needed a ready-made priest of a certain level was that voting requires casting a high-end clerical spell that both contacts the deity and transmits the vote to the other gods.
Roy: That was a level of magic I didn't believe Banjo was capable of doing, any more than could Hel's previous low-level clerics.

Panel 9


Panel 10

Beat. Elan begins to look worried.

Panel 11

Roy: Third: he's a puppet.
Elan: Oh, good! I was really getting worried there for a moment.
Belkar: Yeah, let's not swing that pendulum too far the other way, chief.

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